WIS VR ToolBox

We provide real-time interactions where you can collaborate virtually, display the product in the 3D environment, showcase your own office, live lectures, and many more.

To experience the world, click below to download:


How to Install ?

For Windows:

1. Download the application.

2. Extract the applicaiton.

3. Install exe.

4. After installation, open launcher.

5. Click on start button.

For Mac:

Download the file

1.Unzip it

2.Run the file and if its not run because of unidentified developer issue

3.Then goto setting and click security and privacy tab

4.There you find out the toolbox in allow apps section

5. To unlock click on lock button and input your systems password then goto all apps section there is toolbox app in front of it open anyway button so click on that it will open the toolbox

How to setup Quest for Installation?

1. Install Oculus app on your device Android/iOS from playstore or appstore.

2. Turn on your Quest.

3. Run the Oculus app on your smartphone.

4. Create the developer account when the permission pops on the screen.

5. In the Oculus app, select Settings in the lower right corner.

6. Tap on the button corresponding to your Oculus Quest to perform the pairing.

7. In the contextual menu that pops up select “More settings”.

8. In the new settings window that comes to your screen, select Developer Mode.

9. Click on the slider to activate the developer mode.

10. Yay! You are now officially a developer.

Controls to operate

Keyboard controls:

W- move forward

A- move left

S- move backward

D- move right

Q- Zoom in

E- Zoom out

1- Move VR hands back. (press multiple times)

2- Move VR hands forward. (press multiple times)

5- Raise your hand.

Esc- To activate the menu.

Left shift- To speed walk (press and hold , then press W)

Alt - to sit down

Y- to open a voice channel. (press Y to close)

T- Push to talk (press and hold to talk)

Mouse controls:

Right click- to activate video ,ppt / select world , also used to grab the items inside the application.

Left click- Activate the laser pointer.

Scroll Up/down- Zoom in/out.

How to do registration?

Preferred Username: Put username, that should be without space and special character and easy to remember for ex “thomas12”.

Password: Password should be 8 characters long with lowercase letter and number or combination.for ex “thomas2020”.

Name: Put full name of user.

Email Address: The email address is used for OTP. (check the others or spam folder)

Phone: Put phone number with country code. (avoid spaces)

Once all the above fields are filled click on the register button. Then the application will send system generated OTP to registered mail.

Copy the OTP and paste in the box which is in the application. Once the OTP is accepted use your username and password to login. Once you logged in, wait for a few minutes to download the assets bundle