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We Transform Your Ideas Into Well-Designed Reality

We serve as a one-stop-shop for digital learning solutions with the help of cutting-edge technologies. Our expertise lies in developing web-based training solutions, digital artworks and customized virtual space for multiple applications.

We started out in 2016 as a small group of content writers. Now we are a diverse team of skilled instructional designers, visual artists, content writers, language experts and software developers. We operate from the headquarters in Pune and cater to the learning requirements of our partners worldwide.

Explore the Unexplored with our WIS VR ToolBox!!

Create your own office in virtual world

Working from home in virtual reality is the future. With our VR toolbox, you will submerge completely in the virtual world. Create your own office, in the virtual world and experience the real office environment.This VR toolbox will allow physically separated people to feel as if they are in the same space

Virtual tour to our Drillberg Campus

Explore our Drillberg campus, factory, office with the help of VR Toolbox. Virtual tours are a way for us to offer convenience and confidence to our business clients.

Live training , Lectures, Conferences

All learners are immersed in the same virtual environment during live training, lectures, and conferences. From inside their VR toolbox, they can all hear and talk to each other, see each other's animations, and watch each other's presentations.

Join with us!

Visual artists

We have mastered various forms of technology, and we work on concept visualization, image enhancement, logo and infographic development and illustration, print media, 2D animation, 3D modelling, texturing, lighting, baking, animation and rendering, compositing/VFX/SFX, motion graphic and video editing.

Developers and 3D modellers

Developers and 3D modellers create visually stunning 3D applications (AR /VR/ Apps/Games) and end-to-end digital solutions for businesses based on cross-platform tools like Unity and Unreal.

Mixed Reality Developments

Mixed reality is a combination of reality and virtual reality that does not take place entirely in either the physical or virtual worlds. Through its ability to apply digital knowledge directly to a worker's real-life experience, this innovation has the capacity to change the workplace

Our Services

As a complete “Innovative Solutions Company”, we offer customer-oriented services and more importantly, deliver them effectively. WIS iHub is in a unique position to serve you right because we have the best combination of affordability and quality. We cater to various forms of requirements from people all over the world and especially to those companies and individuals who are interested in outsourcing their requirements to the best offshore company at an affordable cost.