Mix Reality

Augmented and virtual reality are related but different, and have one big thing in common. They both have an astounding ability to change our perception of the world, where they make a line, is the perception of our presence. We consistently provide novel and advanced solutions in VR/AR/APP with a strong and prominent on usability.

Simulations that integrate the real and self-contained world with an interactive multi user learning and the user transpose through closed visors or goggles. If you haven’t tried these computer generated simulations (VR/AR) then be ready to be blown away by how far it’s come. Our VR environments inculcate, influence and brighten up users.

We would love to help and support your imagination and perception with our advanced, innovative and customized solutions.We are ready to experience complete immersion that shuts out the physical world.

Who benefits from VR/AR/APP ?

  • Events and conferences (an avenue for organizers to welcome more individuals into in-person events)
  • Marketing and advertisement (interacting with audiences in unique ways)
  • Healthcare and Medicine (As for VR, the applications in healthcare are practically endless)
  • Film and Entertainment
  • Automotive